How my relationship has changed since losing weight

When Dre and i first met, i was 225 pounds (256 was my heaviest) 

this was a pic of me on our first date (to this DAY this is his most requested way for me to wear my hair lol)


Dre never made me feel less of person because of my weight. he always told me how gorgeous i was, and how proud he was of me. he celebrated small victories with me when it came to my fitness. He would wake up at 5:30 AM and we would meet at the school gym at 6am,  i would attend the early cycling class and he would do his own workout. it was our routine. 

we would hike together (this is also the place he purposed 3.5 years later)


I think what it comes down to, is that i found a winner. i found a guy who has his own personal goals and he encouraged me and i encouraged him. he is driven career wise (frik we met at the library, talk about him being a book worm lol) and he is driven to just becoming a better person in all aspects. 

We’ve grown as individuals and we’ve grown together. i Never asked him to sacrifices his goals/dreams and he never asked that of me. He stayed with me when i went abroad to scotland for a school year. 

he has always loved me for ME. it’s just a bonus now that i can have abs. lol


we train together. he is faster than me, but i can outrun him in the long run because i have more endurance. i go teach classes to his students, and attend go cheer him on while he coaches.

i found a guy that didnt want me to change. he wanted me to grow and become a better ME, not a different me. and that is important. 

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