I've been working out regularly and eating much better that before, but some bad habits go harder than others. I'm a MAJOR midnight eater. Any tips to help me stay away from the snack cupboard after 8 pm? Thanks!

I like to do the apple test.
If I’m hungry I will be okay eating an apple. If an apple doesn’t “sound good” than it’s a craving and I’m not really hungry. And I will most likely still eat the apple lol keeps me away from eating anything else.

It also helps to have flavored water (I like crystal light) and I keep that with me at night. It’s okay to eat late, what matters is that the food is healthy 8)

How can I do a serious workout when I'm obese and out of shape? I don't want to make excuses anymore, but it honesty is hard to move around with the excess weight, and I get so tired after only a few minutes. How am I ever going to progress seriously? Thanks Sharee

Set yourself some workout goals. Weigtloss is not about killing yourself at a workout 4 hours a day. It’s about being consistent with your hard work. There are lots of ways to build up endurance and it’s also important to build up a routine of fitness.

You can start with walking and add jogging intervals. Walk for 2 minutes run for 20 seconds for a total of 45 minutes.
You can do this with about any form of exercises (swimming, cycling, jump roping)
You might also enjoy attending a Zumba class 8) Zumba it was got me addicted to fitness!!

My favorite show, Extreme Makeover Weightloss edition, would be a great source of motivation for you! My favorite episode is linked on my “motivation” page, check it out!

Hi, I love your blog and you're a huge inspiration to me. My question to you is that now I am hitting a plateau, I even change my routine, shake up my diet and so on. I have literally been stuck with this plateau for a few months now and its starting to get to me. Please give me some good advice to help me get passed this plateau? Thank you in advance. <3

I would evaluate your calorie intake. Are you eating enough? Or have you slacked and started eating too much.
I would also consider introducing a really challenging workout. It can be difficult to increase the intensity of your workouts if you don’t have a structure or a plan. So look into some super challenging work outs like insanity or some bootcamp options.

Hi Sharee! I have a question about being a school psychologist. Do they work directly with the kids or is it sort of behind the scenes stuff? I never knew school psychologists even existed and only ever spoke to a guidance counselor. Are they always present in the school and do they get to spend time with kids or no? It's something I might consider as a job but I'd like to work directly with kids

School psychs are the gate way to special education.
You evaluate the kids and determine if they qualify to receive special education or not. You work one-on-one while doing the evaluations. Evaluation typically consists of an academic assessment, IQ assessment, behavioral/classroom observations, parent/teacher interviews, and an social/emotional assessment.

Some school psychs also double as the school counselor role so you can hold groups for children any variety of needs.

You also help the team (made up of various other roles in the school like the speech pathologist or the counselor) and if the child qualifies for special education you will help create the students IEP (individual education plan)

You work with children while conducting the evaluation and you can also help with behavioral issues in the classroom by working with the teachers but you’re not in contact with them as much as a para-educator or a teacher.

It’s a lot of paperwork and report writing and working with adults involved with the kids in the school.



are you interested in getting your ph.d? it sounds like you have a great work ethic!

Awww thank you 8)
I’m actually only a year away from my Psy.D (my masters program was an Ed.S degree) so I’m thinking of going that route. I like the more applied approach to a Doctoral degree over the research approach.

Why did you choose school psychology? (Versus clinical, research, etc.) Going into my senior year in psych and trying to decide where I'm going to go after is miserable!

I have been an Applied Behavioral Analysis tutor for 7 years now. Working with children on different ends of the autism spectrum, I was going to get an masters in Applied Behavioral Analysis, but that route is limited and I have a heart for more than just behavioral issues with children, so I broadened my scope and fell in love with school psychology.
Plus the perks are nice. I get to be an advocate for children and their education, paid summers off, all major holidays off and paid, opportunities for private practice, student loans waived if you commit to a low SES district, school psychologist is one the most in demand jobs ( job security!)

I didn’t go clinical because that doesn’t interest me. Either does psychiatry. My heart is with school psychology.

What kind of dog is Tofu?

Long hair chihuahua 8)