Loose Skin&Stretch marks


My video on loose skin can be found:  HERE (i show my stomach  in the video)

"Do you have loose skin after losing so much weight?"

That is one of the most common questions i get asked, so I wanted to provide a page where people can see my tips and take on loose skin. 

I do have loose skin: inner upper thigh, upper arm (near my arm pits),  lower abs (under my belly button), and the skin right above my belly button is loose as well resulting in a my belly button looking like its frowning lol.

My take on loose skin is this: Do NOT worry about it until you are within 5 pounds of your ULTIMATE GOAL WEIGHT. Your body can amaze you. We are young, our skin can bounce back, but it takes time. If you have 30,50,70, or 100 pounds to lose…then loose skin should be the LAST thing on your mind. 

Focus on getting the weight off, KILLING THE FAT 8) and then when your body starts to show the shape it will take at the end of your journey, THEN you can start looking at “dealing” with loose skin. Cardio, weight training, body resistance work, zumba, cycling…all exercise is good for “dealing” with loose skin.

Lose skin will also not prevent your from “Looking thin/small” I now  where a size 6 pants. My biggest size was 22/24. Lose skin will not get in the way, only you will notice it. Wear under garments like Spanx or slimming tank tops to help make you feel comfortable in form fitting clothes. Remember, this is a journey… BE PROUD of how far you have come and KEEP GOING.

I have a side comparision of how loose skin still SHRINKS with you the picture of me in the pink i was around 155, the other picture is me at 144ish and the last picture was taken 1 day before my tummy tuck at 138 pounds 

I did find that INSANITY has shaped/toned my body in the best way possible! My arms are freaking TONED tricep dip and all (so that is something to think about) A lot of my cellulite on the back of my thighs has disappeared since completing this program as well.

Red light therapy is a treatment that uses collogen heating lamps to help tigthen skin and also heal the scaring left by stretch marks. If you google search “red light therapy” you will find places in your area that offer the treatment.


When you lose weight, you will find that your stretch marks will fade to a flesh tone/white color. I personally am not worrying about them yet. I use tanning beds and I found that when i tan, I don’t see them anymore. Look into lotions and red light therapy, and remember everyone has them 8) if you go out rocking a flat tummy and super toned legs…who do you think is gonna notice them?? NO ONE! only you. So focus on what is important, loosing the weight   and killing fat, the rest will take care of itself. Promise. 

My stretch marks have faded and can hardly be seen.

Tummy tuck UPDATE: (I had my tummy tuck already! check out my “tummy tuck” tab)

My Plastic Surgeon: His name is Dr.Gavin Dry, and he is amazing!! I highly recommend him. He was voted the number one surgeon in Seattle. His website is http://www.gavindry.com/

HOw much did  your tummy tuck/thigh lift costing? the total procedure was $16,000

What about kids? I’m not having kids till i’m 30. (i’m 23) thats 7 years away! Baby tummy is a result of lots of factors. i am NOT waiting till after kids to have the body i have worked so hard for. I am not worried 8)

Will you lose skin ever go away on it’s own? No, there is muscle damage and extra skin from being so overweight. it will NOT go away. it has to be surgical removed.

Will you be able to form a 6 pack? YOU BET!

THis is my 6 month progress, and I am feeling great!

What about the scar? My scar has faded. It’s almost all white and it’s all   flat. WELL WORTH IT! I beat obesity and got away with a little scar on my stomach, i will take it! lol